A special master plan where commitment, education, housing, training, opportunity, and hard work come together to forge our community's future leaders.

For centuries, the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur, the mythical, magical sword associated with the rightful sovereignty of Britain, has mesmerized young and old.

In some ancient accounts, a young Arthur ascended to the British throne by pulling a sword sticking out from an anvil atop a large stone that appeared mysteriously in a churchyard on Christmas Eve. The stone had a message etched onto it: “Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king born.”

Another version claims that Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake sometime after he began to reign. However different, both legends agree that Excalibur endowed King Arthur, a valiant and wise young warrior, with special powers, status and success.

That is precisely what The Excalibur Youth Empowerment Project® will do for foster youths that have aged-out of the system, have nowhere to go, possess very limited resources and even fewer professional connections, need guidance, and yet are wholeheartedly committed to building a better future for themselves.

“Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king born.”

from “Morte Darthur,” Sir Thomas Malory’s book on King Arthur and of His Noble Knights of the Round Table

Together with Miami-Dade’s foster care system managers, counselors, and experts at Citrus Family Care Network (Citrus FCN), the Community Based Care Lead Agency for Child Welfare in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties and our Official Program Partners, MagicWaste Youth Foundation identifies potential candidates for the EXCALIBUR Project as they turn 18 and age out. 

The Excalibur Project® will grant ONE FULL YEAR OF HOUSING SUBSIDY to approved candidates that meet EXCALIBUR’s pre-requisites, including but not limited to enrollment in college, certificate studies or vocational training, high performance (grades), personal conduct, and volunteer work, as well as property management companies’ requirements, following United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (USHUD) regulations.

EXCALIBUR candidates are then paired with funding from MWYF benefactors like you, whose donations will subsidize the young adult’s rent for twelve (12) months.

In Miami-Dade County, approximately 300 young men and women “age-out” of the foster care system every year upon turning 18, leaving them homeless or living in dire, unstable circumstances and with little or no support system.

Help Us Make It A Reality!

The Excalibur Project® is an ambitious master plan whose first phase was implemented in mid-2020. 

As a parent, grandparent or relative of a young man or woman on the road to adulthood, you know what they need to create a bright future for themselves.

And as a VIP in Miami-Dade’s vibrant business community, you’re in a unique position to lend a helping hand.

To find out more about The Excalibur Project®, please review the program’s brochure included in this section. It is presented in a flip-book format that you can print, too.

Still need to speak to a MWYF team member? Email your questions/doubts to or call us at 786.655.0667

Interested in becoming a benefactor and helping us make a difference in the lives of these deserving young men and women via The Excalibur Project® ? We’ve included a pledge form that you can view, print, fill out, and mail to MWYF at 8600 NW 17th Street, Suite 130, Doral, FL 33126.

Thank you!

Click on the images here to view and/or print The Excalibur Project brochure and Pledge Form.