all for one

Gifts or bequests through MagicWaste Youth Foundation’s Major Benefactor Program are destined to support The Excalibur Project®, our ambitious master plan to offer former foster youths a chance at a better future through enhanced access to higher education, housing, training, job opportunities, and more.

As a MWYF Benefactor, you are afforded a very special relationship with our organization and the youngsters we assist.

As a Benefactor, your gift will help MagicWaste Youth Foundation help the young men and women in our community who have emerged from the foster care system upon reaching age 18. Most of these youngsters may have just graduated from high school, have limited resources and guidance, and lack basic life and work skills. Many are homeless.

MWYF’s programs provide assistance with housing, expanded access to higher education and/or training, and guidance with job skills —all of this in a powerful, cost-effective way.

Gifts and bequests can be made as a lump sum or via monthly contributions, which are automatically withdrawn from a checking account or charged to a credit card. Funds from our Benefactors Program provide a reliable flow of income to sustain and expand assistance provided through The Excalibur Project®.

And because MWYF is an all-volunteer organization and our administrative costs are minimal, between 90 and 92 percent of your gift goes directly to fund our services.

Benefactors receive :

  • Name recognition in the corresponding Benefactor category on the MWYF Benefactors’ board and on the website;
  • Name recognition at all MWYF events;
  • Timely updates on our programs and charges’ progress, MWYF events, and special initiatives;
  • Special one-on-one meet and greet events with the young men and women in the program.

Please contact your MWYF representative or write us at with any doubts/questions or arrange a personal meeting to discuss your gift, bequest or major donation.

All arrangements will be handled with the utmost privacy and respect. We will honor your request to remain anonymous.